Artist Statement

Rituals often involve repetitive movements, gestures, or phrases. Through ritual and repetition a connection is made between one world and another. In my artwork I use repetition to connect to the Green Bay Packers. The objects I create are meditations on these icons I create. By spending countless hours on obsessive detail, an artwork is transformed into importance by the time and dedication spent to make it. My artwork investigates the phenomenon of ritual to elevate a mundane action, be it religious, personal, or artistic, into something imbued with importance.

Craft is often something seen on the fringes of art. Something that is a hobby or that a grandmother does in her spare time. I am interested in the intersection between craft and fine art, but also fine art and sports. I am genuinely passionate about all those things, and often find myself in the middle of two worlds that seem like such opposites. In my work, I try to meld these opposites into one and considers the often times grey area these works occupy.

Growing up in Wisconsin, the Packers were a cultural institution that I would watch every Sunday and pay close attention to the happenings of. Through my indoctrination as a Packers fan I instantly became part of a larger institution of other fans. It’s comforting to know that I belong to something larger than myself. I find it fascinating that people who may have seemingly nothing in common or may have never bothered to communicate to one another can form bonds over such simple things. My artwork, in part, examines the desire of most people to be part of a larger community.