Artist in Residence Projects

Sapporo Tenjinyama Art Studio

In June 2019 I stayed in Sapporo, Japan making artwork about the Fighters who are part of the Nippon Baseball League.  

Factory Obscura - Shift

September through October 2017 I worked with other local OKC artists on the immersive art experience - Shift

Artist in Residence - Yamanashi

In June 2016 I created a body of work that involved the landscape of Kofu, Yamanashi and Oklahoma.  I used the colors of the Green Bay Packers to create a connection between the two countries.  

Artist in Residence - Yamanashi

In July 2013 at AIRY I created a body of artwork and held an exhibition.


In May of 2012 I spent two weeks at Ragdale continuing my body of artwork.